Plumber Mont Kiara

 Please call 012-2186143 for urgent plumbing assistance. We cater mostly to expats in Mont Kiara. We will be able to communicate well with you and able to ensure safety of your loved ones by using only local plumbers. Please do not hesitate to call us if you have any inquiries to clear WC, floor trap chokage , urinals, bath tubs, Sink Pipe / Floor Trap / Stainless Steel & Copper Pipe / Toilet bowl / Wash basin / WC flush system, water heaters (Instant / tank) plumbing & sanitary repairs, mixer tap, bid tap, conversion of toilet bowl (Squatting to sitting) and etc.
Our plumber covers areas in Mont Kiara such as:

Jalan Desa Kiara
Jalan Kiara

Our Services include of:
replacing pipes
replacing or installing new basin
replacing or installing toilet bowls
replacing floor traps
replacing water tap
replacing mixer taps
clearing of piping
clearing basins
replacing or installing sink bowls
replacing or installing urinal bowl
replacing or installing typical toilet accessories
inspection on wiring
replacing or installing water heater
relocation water heater
installing or adding water tank
replacing or installing poly tank
replacing or installing stainless steel water tank